anniversary/marriage grass greeting (24 hour rental)


24-HOUR RENTAL 2ft high letters (message approximately 20-30ft long)

includes “happy anniversary” … plus (25) embellishments: (6-balloons/3-candles/4-gifts/3-hearts/1-rings/2-lips/2-WooHoo!/2-toasting glasses/2-stars)
includes “just married __ years ago” plus (25) embellishments: (2-digit year/6-balloons/2-toasting glasses/2-lips/4-gifts/2-hearts/1-WooHoo!/1-star/3-candles/1-rings/1-just married car)

NOTE: Please tell us the DATE OF YOUR EVENT and DAY/EVENING delivery preference in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

(For add-ons such as a name, age, or additional rental time, please go to that icon for additional charge. Thank you!)

NOTE: For delivery outside of the Lancaster/Depew/Bowmansville area (free), please go to the delivery charge icon. Thank you!