custom ink’d dtf transfer 12″ x 22″ gang sheet


    12″x22″ gang sheet printed with as many of your design(s) that will fit!
    For example (with margins): (2) Full Front/Backs at 12″ OR (15) Left Chest at 4″ OR (1) Full Front/Back + (6) Left Chests

    Ready to order? Email your separate to-size art pieces to:
    PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION which will help you submit your design(s) to get the quality of print you desire.

    – All artwork must be print ready and in the size you want it to be printed.
    – We do not support multi-page files. Please send each piece of your art separately in it’s exact size (i.e. 12”x12” or 4”x4”) and let us know the quantity desired for each. We will gang the imprints onto the 12”w x 22”h to gain maximum print area for you.
    – Words/graphics less than 0.30 inches will not print with consistency and will not transfer onto garment well. For best results, make small text/graphic larger and readable.
    – All artwork must be CMYK color mode (not RGB).
    – Words/graphics less than 0.30 inches will not print with consistency and will not transfer onto any substrate. For best results, make the small print larger and readable. We are not responsible for graphics that are below the the minimum resolution requirement and will not print.
    – Ensure your background is 100% transparent; otherwise, it will be printed as received. If the background is not transparent, it will be printed along with the design. We WILL NOT remove the background for you. We will print the design as it is received.
    – Artwork will be printed in the size that is submitted. We WILL NOT resize any images.
    – We do not support multi-page files (please make sure your artwork is on one page).
    – Accepted DPI and files for DTF transfers: No lower than 300 dpi in: PNG, PDF, AI, EPS, JPG, SVG.
    – Submitted design(s) will be printed as a DTF transfer only; the returned order will not include a garment or pressing services.

    To achieve the professional results noted above, we highly suggest that a commercial heat press be used to apply DTF transfers. is NOT responsible for quality issues that may result from poor quality/low resolution files submitted to us. Failure to supply a print ready file will result in us contacting you and the order being cancelled and refunded. Should you agree to use our art services to bring your design to a quality print, will charge $20 per 1/2 hour.

    Trademarked images (NCAA, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, Disney, ANY major trademarked brand), screen shots, or watermarked images WILL NOT be printed or reproduced and will be immediately rejected. Individuals submitting designs to should own the copyright on each design submitted for printing. WILL NOT be held liable for copyright issues of
    any kind.

    Due to the custom nature of this product, we DO NOT offer returns. However, if something on your print doesn’t look correct, we’d like assure your satisfaction and will work it out via email ( and offer a reprint. If a reprint is necessary, you must return the product with your own postage before a reprint is done for you.